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Perfect homemade bread making every time you use the steam generator oven insert by the Steam Maker Bread Baker Company!


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The Steam Bread Maker's Customer Testimonials


"I just wanted to let you know that I think the Steam Maker is fabulous.  I bought it with a bit of skepticism...thinking it wouldn't really make a difference.  Boy, was I ever wrong!

Every loaf I have made had exceptional oven rise.  It truly is amazing and I am VERY pleased with the results.

Kudos to you for this excellent product."

Skip - Winston, GA - December, 2008

"Thought you'd like to know I made a superb round of ciabatta this past week.  The extra spring and improved crust just took my bread up four levels of quality.
...overall the extra performance of the breads in the steam has been superb. 
You have a winner here.  Congratulations on solving this problem for us home bakers so elegantly."
Dan - Maryland - October 25, 2007

"I just wanted to say that your product produced a GREAT loaf of bread!  I gave the steam bread maker to my husband for Christmas.  He has been baking bread for many years.  He was so happy!  It produced a great crust which has always been his quest!  Thank you."  Janet Park City 12/30/06

excerpt from blog:

A Great New Steaming Device
The New Bread Steamer, by Rose Levy Beranbaum

I've tried many steaming devices but the only one that produces a significant amount of steam is the "steam breadmaker." It comes with aluminum lids to contain the steam and an oven stone can also be ordered.

If your oven vents the air and steam such as my Gaggenau, the containers are ideal to hold the steam in during the critical first 10 minute phase of bread baking. (Moisture is vital during the first 10 minutes of bread baking for the best crust and crumb.)

In my Wolf gas oven with oven stone in place, after loading the bread, I simply crack open the preheated oven door, insert the steamer nozzle, and steam for 30 seconds. 
Check out:

Posting from the Real Baking With Rose web site

I just received my Steam Maker with the 6" lid this past week, and already LOVE it after just a couple of uses! My breads are more beautiful and even my kids noticed the difference in the crumb and taste. Consider this an enthusiastic endorsement!!   Author: Monica

View the entire entry:

What a WONDERFUL invention the Steam Maker Bread Baker!!!  I make THE best bread now and, it is Easy!  

Please make a round stainless steel cover for large, high round, county bread.  I believe it would need to be at least 8" high and I think 10" would be better.  

Thank you again!  Pam AZ 2/25/07

Last night I baked off a batch of French bread (baguette) in the Steam Maker Bread Baker. It was my first batch and I fumbled around a little trying to figure out the work flow but in the end everything went well. I steamed for 20 seconds and let cover remain on for 8 minutes upon which I removed it and continued for an additional 10 minutes. At that time I checked the internal temp (205) and removed the light golden demi baguettes. They were crispy and I would say even delicately crispy. You could easily squeeze the crust and feel the soft chewy crumb below and yet hear the crack of the surface carmelization. Exactly the way they do it in Paris! I paced around for a long time while they cooled some (10 minutes) and broke out the knife. This was an incredible moment for me as I have obsessed for longer than I care to admit over trying to make a true French Baguette. The flavor and texture were the best I have had in the US! This is victory for me as a home baker.

When I think about all the steps I have taken to generate a large volume of steam in my oven and how effective or rather ineffective it was, it makes me wonder what the best solution might be. Clearly the steam generator is way way more effective than tossing a cup of boiling water on hot rocks in a cast iron pan and trying to close the door quickly. This is a good technique that is safe to use and won't warp the oven walls or crack the glass.

I also tried the "No Knead" bread formula baked on the stone, covered with the steam cover instead of plopping it into a cast iron pot. I steamed it for 20 seconds and removed the cover in 10 minutes for a total bake time of 23 minutes at 450. I had proofed in a banneton basket and attempted a slash that worked fairly well. The bread was/is wonderful with nice open crumb and a golden crispy crust. Much better looking than the blob that came out of the dutch oven.  

Eric WI 2/11/07

Postings to The Fresh Loaf web site

For those of you that haven't seen it, I just bought one of these bread steaming devices, from Steam Maker Bread Baker. I was having trouble maintaining steam inside the oven. Everything I tried wouldn't give the crisper crust and rise I was looking for. Although a little extra work and expense, I decided to give it a try. So far I've used it 3 times, twice on baguettes and once on a pane siciliano, with better results than any I've previously had without the device. So I'm tempted to say, yes it works great, but in reality needs more testing than I have given it so far. Let's just say the results are very promising! is the website ~ you can look at it.  I am not affiliated with them in any way. This is presented for information only. It was worth it for me, but others may not care for the expense or the concept.   Ben

Submitted by bsherrill on January 17, 2007 - 11:07am.

I don't remember where I first heard of the Steam Maker Bread BakerI bought one and I am delighted!  It consists of a large 3/4" baking stone, a stainless steel cover, and a steam generator.   It replaces the need for the spritzing and spraying I have been doing since I began baking artisan breads.  To use it, you preheat the stone to 400 F. Place the bread on the stone, place the cover over the loaf/loaves, then spray steam thru a small hole in the cover for 10-15 seconds. Remove the lid after 10 minutes and continue the baking process.  I found it at  Pricey, but great!

Submitted by Willard Onellion on January 27, 2007 - 12:15pm.

There is an excellent paper that should be well understood by any aspiring artisan baker at the commercial side of King Arthur Flour. The link below is to a discussion on the need for water in dough and the effects of various forms of it during the entire process. I found this to be very helpful in understanding how to arrive at a flavorful and well crusted loaf. If you dig around there are papers on all of the individual ingredients used by the baker.

Submitted by ehanner on February 2, 2007 - 10:07am.


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