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Steam Injection at the Start of Baking . . . Theory of Operation

Professional Bread Baking Oven Capabilities - Steam Injection and Controlled Venting.

Professional bread baking ovens incorporate a steam generator that allows steam to be injected into the oven at the start of the baking process. Injecting steam retards gelatinization of the loaf surface providing a good spring in the oven. You will notice that loaves baked with the Home Bread Baker - Steam Generator & Oven Insert are larger and airier. Steam injection at the beginning of baking also insures that the bread will have a thin crispy crust when the bread is baked through.

The second feature that differentiates professional bread baking ovens from your home oven is that the steam can be vented from the oven at the baker’s discretion. Your home oven is vented by design and you cannot open and close these vents.

Why improvised techniques for the home baker do not work...

Many techniques have been suggested to home bakers to attempt to mimic these features of the professional baking oven. These generally involve pouring boiling water into a pan in the bottom of the oven, or pouring water over the top of preheated bricks in a pan in the bottom of the oven, or misting the sides of the oven.

There are two problems with all of these techniques. First is the amount of steam you can generate by these techniques is inadequate, given the volume of the typical home oven. Second, you have no control over the venting of the steam from the oven. When you add water with the oven door open, most of the steam generated vents before you can close the door. The typical home oven design is vented which insures any steam that is generated after you close the door doesn’t stay around long enough or in high enough concentration to have the desired effect on the bread crust.

How the Home Bread Baker Steam Generator and Oven Insert imitates the Professional bread baking oven and solves these problems.

The Home Bread Baker Steam Generator and Oven Insert solves both these problems for the home baker. First the steam generator employs the same technology as the steam generators employed in professional baking ovens. When you pull the trigger on the steam generator, a stream of superheated steam is released into the steam chamber. You control the volume of steam injected into the steam chamber.

Second, the steam chamber allows you to control the venting of this steam from the oven during the baking process. The professional baker will leave the steam in the oven for one quarter to one third of the total baking time. You can do the same. Please note that the oven insert is not a sealed vessel so there is no hazard from over pressure condition in your oven. The oven insert lid rests on the baking stone and is not clamped or locked in place. In addition the steam injection port is always open.

It is important that the steam only be injected at the beginning of the baking process and that the steam chamber lid be removed one quarter to one-third of the way through the baking process. You want a dry atmosphere in the oven for the final stages of baking to give a thin crispy crust and to carmelize the sugars on the surface.


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